A new cafe opened in Sandgate and the locals love it!

The community of Shorncliffe/Sandgate hit the jackpot in April 2019 with the opening of the The Witchin Kitchen cafe. Owners Karlea and Em opened their doors to friends, family and community members to provide not just a place for great nourishing food but a warm inviting atmosphere to soothe the soul.   As a result, it is now one of my favourite places as it is a warm friendly inviting space to meet with those that are special to you.

Because let’s face it a great cafe is like finding a new best friend! It’s fun, exciting; you want to spend everyday eating there. Then you will be itching to introduce this newfound gem to all your friends. This little cafe on the corner of Rainbow St and Palm Ave is nourishing on all levels.

Em the Chef at Witchin Kitchen is amazing!

Chef Em is gifted in the kitchen! Being a qualified chef, she is constantly inspired to create tasty goodness for the cafe. Em is a mastermind in the kitchen. Wanting to create not just an incredible menu, but an atmosphere for herself and fellow colleges that is just as comforting as the items on the plates. 

Karlea creates the atmosphere and her naturopathy background come’s in handy at the cafe too!

Karlea is the friendly face you see when you walk in the doors. Creating a warm, inviting and inspiring space for people to gather. And for individuals to spend time in was the motivation for Karlea. A place for connection, to each other, to nature, to the community, and to the food. 

Karlea also helps out by giving the ‘healthy’ tick of approval to the menu. This is to ensure that a majority of the items are nutritious. Her Naturopathy studies are certainly helping. Both Em and Karlea love delicious food and make food that they also love! The girls get a kick out of seeing the reactions on the patron’s faces when they receive their meals.

Where did the name The Witchin Kitchen come from?

Traditionally, witches were medicine women who were deeply connected with nature, herbalism and nature’s cycles. Ema and Karlea’s cafe aims to be a celebration of these things. They have created a magical place, that provides healing through connection and nourishing foods. Hence the name The Witchin Kitchen.

What make’s The Witchen Kitchen special? 

“The family support and the fun-loving vibe! We also work together with The Wired Owl, who serves the coffee and tea, while we serve our menu, fresh juices, smoothies and lots of cake!”

These local Shorncliffe-Sandgate girls have recognised that the community has embraced their skill and passion! Happily feeding food junkies like myself since April 2019.


2022 Update: Kalea and Em have passed the reins of this incredible space over to new owners Lisa and Mel who have a mission is to build on the platform created by Karlea and Em and remain invested in the community. Especially all of the wonderful people who have found a happy place inside these 4 walls. They want to ensure the vibe remains the same – inclusive to all, honest food, great company and community spirit.

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