Tips on how to create your perfect wedding story.

There is something magical that happens when you get the opportunity to open the pages of any wedding album, especially if it is your own. The moment’s relived, the memories revisited and the feeling of joy revoked. 

I’ve always loved the feel of art paper combined with hand crafted album’s. I love them even more so when it is one of my lovely couples that have chosen to create their own special memory vault. 

Creating your wedding album is a simple process. Having created wedding albums for couples who married in Toowoomba, Brisbane and also the Sunshine Coast, here are a few tips that I love to share with you. Once you have received your images you may need some help with the task of choosing your favourite images. 

Spend time reviewing your images for your wedding album.

Spend some time going over your images and choose your absolute favourites, I like to refer these image’s as the hero shots. They are the ones that remind you of movie moments or give you the goose bumps when you look at them. 

Tell your story.

Telling your story is the goal, picking images from each section of the day. Think about how the your celebration un folded. Break the day up into sections and choose images including the smiles, tears, laughter, hugs and more importantly emotion. 

Quality is important.

Quality over quantity! It is important not to just jam as many pictures on the one page as possible.

Choose no less than 50 and no more than 70. And keep in mind that not all of these images will appear in your album so this could help you decide your must haves! 

Don’t take too long to order your wedding album.

Order you albums as soon as possible, don’t put it off for 12 months, let’s keep the excitement from your big day going! Once you have chosen your images you could have your album sorted in as little as 2 weeks time.

I have so many more tips available for my couples to help them through this process such as cover material and size so don’t forget to mention that you are after additional information before your big day and I can help you out further with your art hand crafted wedding album.

Send me an email if you have any more questions, as I would love to help you out.

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