Terri Hanlon Photography


How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been photographing weddings on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and SEQLD for more than 12 years now and I can’t think of anything that I enjoy more! I think it is pretty cool that I get to be part of such a special day for a couple and families. Its almost like I get a backstage pass to my favourite band every time I am photographing a wedding! And I LOVE music!

We really love your style of photography, and we are looking for our wedding photographer, if we want to meet with you how do we do this?

That is awesome that you love what you see! Let’s catch up! I always make the effort to meet with couples for a face to face for a consultation.  Meeting up is also my chance to find out all about the two of you and what you have in mind for your wedding day. The way the two of you met and what makes your relationship all the more unique and special for the two of you.

Just give me a call on 0410 618 761 and we can schedule a time to connect. And don’t forget to leave me a message if I can’t make it to the phone that way I can call you back as soon as I am free.

We are not too sure how long we need to book you for on our wedding day? Is there really that much difference in have 6 hours coverage verses all day?

This is so individual for couples. The best advice I can give when trying to make the decision of how long to have photographic coverage, is to try and picture how you want to look back over your photographs? What moments do you want to be able to revisit and relive through your images?

If you want the day captured from start to finish so that there an amazing storyline to your day with not a moment missed including all the tears, laughter and dancing then I would encourage a full day of coverage. Be warned though I may end up on the dance floor with the two of you!

And if you are only looking at getting coverage for all the formalities, then I would steer you towards my 8-hour package. You will still have a stellar collection of photographs from your wedding day, and with this option, you will avoid the photographer dancing on the dance floor with you!

This is certainly something I can help you with when we catch up for a consultation.

We are getting married outside of the Sunshine Coast, do you travel? 

Absolutely! There is nothing more exciting than travelling to a new location to photograph a wedding! Take me with you is what I say! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings in Queensland, the Northern Territory, and later this year travelling to Victoria. So travelling for your wedding is something I would love!

Do you offer engagement sessions? 

Yes, I sure do! I really love engagement sessions with couples as it gives me an extra chance to get to know you a little better and find out what makes the two of you tick as a couple. It also helps you guys get to know me and feel comfortable in front of the camera as this is not easy for everyone!

Will you be shooting our wedding or do you have associate photographers working for you?

I will always be the one capturing your wedding day! I feel it is important for my brand to always be the person that you are connecting with to photograph your wedding.  All the images you see on my website have been taken by myself throughout the years.

And what about second shooters? Do you have one?

The majority of weddings that you see on my website have been photographed by myself shooting solo. I find that having a second shooter is a case by case scenario and depending on the size of your wedding will depend on the need for an additional shooter.

If your wedding calls for an additional photographer, please know that I will only ever hire a trained professional to assist me on the day. Ensuring that you get the best collection of images from your wedding day!

How many images will you take on the day?

The number of images you will receive will depend on the time that we have together on your wedding day and how your day runs.

I will usually take quite a few photographs on the day, to get those epic shots you guys are wanting. As a guide, a 3-hour wedding package will receive approximately 300 edited digital images and 8-hour wedding package will receive approximately 800 edited digital images. This a very rough guide as there are a few factors that can feel free to ask me when we catch up how to maximize your photography time to get the best images on the day!

How long do we need between our ceremony and reception for photographs?

I will guide you through this process as there are a few things to consider although as a general rule I would allocate between 1-1.5 hours. Feel free to ask me more questions about this one when we catch up as travelling between locations can interfere with your photography time.

How do we receive our images and are they high resolution?

All couples receive their images edited in high-resolution print-ready on USB. I also provide my couples with a copy of their images in low resolution perfect for social media sharing. This way you can share all your favourite moments with family and friends! Please be mindful that this does not include retouching series and photoshop editing, as these tasks can take some time to perform there is an additional fee for these services. Although I love to keep your images photoshop free! Let’s keep the memories REAL!

How long will it take for us to get our wedding images?

Processing time is usually around the 6-8 week mark after your big day. You will also have access to an online gallery 2 weeks after your wedding day, making it possible to relive all the special moments that the two of you experienced with all your loved ones.

Do you make albums?

YES! I love designing wedding albums for couples! This service is not outsourced so I will be the one in charge of how awesome we make this baby for you!

We are not too sure if we want an album or not, can we decide later?

Of course, you can make this decision later on. I totally understand that a wedding album is not in everyone’s immediate budget. If you do want an album and just don’t think it is something that you can afford at this point, have a chat with me, there are a few payment options available that can make this option a reality for you.

Investing in wedding photography is a big expense, do you offer a payment plan? 

I totally understand that the dollar factor is a huge contributor to your choice of services for your wedding day. So that you can have the wedding collection that you have dreamed of I am more than happy to create a payment schedule for you that makes paying for your photography so much easier leading up to your wedding day. I have a few different ways to make this work for you so let’s chat about this further when we catch up!