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Planning the timeline for your wedding day can be a challenging task. How are you supposed to know where to schedule everything if this is your first time getting married? And even if it’s not your first time, I got you! 

During the planning stage is the perfect opportunity to connect with your wedding vendors. We can come in and lend a hand. Guiding you on when tasks need to be completed to make sure you have a seamless day. Most of us have had quite a few years of experience in planning out wedding timelines. And it helps you get the best out of your support crew. 

We have your back! Your Photographer, Celebrant, Stylist, Makeup Artists and, Venue support crew, are here to help! As Wedding vendors, we also love to connect, so share the info about your supplies where you can. We often work in similar circles and its fun for us to work together too! 

I like to book in timeline consultations with all my couples so that you get bang for your buck! Essentially end up getting more value from your wedding photography. I find it valuable to spend some time discussing personal elements, people that are dear to you, and any other details that make your day all the more perfect and memorable. Remember, you can’t be everywhere all the time, and we photographers can become your eyes on the day. Sharing moments you may have missed or not been present for, and I adore sharing these moments with you!

I like to know as much as possible so that I am telling your story. I know it feels weird telling a stranger about your business, but let’s be real, you want to love us as much as we love you! And getting to know each other is part of the process. I promise it won’t be weird and creepy, that is so not my vibe!  

Your wedding support crew, aka wedding vendors, have mountains of valuable knowledge and experience that you can draw on when planning your wedding day timeline. Some of us have been hanging around for 10+ years and love what we do. Helping couples capture their wedding memories is an incredible way to spend a day.

If you would like to know a little more about your wedding day timeline and how to consider all the elements when planning just drop me an email and I would be happy to help! 


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