Just a 10-minute drive from Maleny you’ll find a masterpiece of micro-small space design… a tiny house. No matter what you think of tiny houses, it’s a unique experience to spend a night inside one. For me, it was love at first sight!


It’s no secret that I have a tiny house obsession. Some years ago I stumbled across the Living Big in A Tiny House YouTube channel (now with a whopping 4million subscribers) and ever since I’ve been in search of a downsized, minimal, sustainable life with “less stuff more meaning!”

Terri Hanlon Photographer

Like all good tiny house tragics, I have an evolving Pinterest board of mobile homes, vanlife and creative storage solutions. When the chance arose to spend a couple of nights in a tiny house in Maleny, I leapt at it.

The Tiny House

The Glamper’s Shack is the flagship design from the Tiny House Company co-founded in Brisbane by two architectural graduates over a shared desire for environmentally conscious housing alternatives.

featuring high-end detailing and fixtures, a modular demountable deck system, a custom-designed retractable bed and custom cabinetry between a grid of ‘portal’ frames.”

The Glampers Shack is a place where you and your partner can kick back and relax. Take in the beautiful bush views, feed a visiting King Parrot, and cuddle up around the outdoor fireplace. It’s a place to disconnect from your digital life and reconnect with each other in a peaceful setting.

Composting Toilet

Right about now I can hear you thinking ‘yeah that’s all well and good but what’s the toilet situation?’ Tiny houses are synonymous with composting toilets and this one is no different. My partner and I had a few ‘$hits and giggles’ trying to use our first composting toilet. But I’m happy to report it’s simple to use and stink-free + bonus, it saves 35,000 litres of water per year.

Composting Toilet

If you’re searching for a mini getaway or perhaps even accommodation for your elopement or micro wedding, this little dwelling is well worth considering! Especially since it’s only a short drive from One Tree Hill, Weddings at Tiffany’s, Maleny Manor and many other incredible Sunshine Coast wedding destinations!

Where: Wootha, 10minutes drive from Maleny on the Sunshine Coast

How to Book: bookings can be made all year round via AirBnB


Awesome photos and such a cool tiny home!

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