Same Sex Wedding on the Beach of the Sunshine Coast

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Now I’ve seen countless weddings, but I’ve never seen the same wedding twice. Your love isn’t just rare. It’s 100% unique.

The right wedding photographer – hi, that’s me Terri – will help you to look and feel your very best. But after 15 plus years of photographing weddings, you get more out of me than stunning photos.

You’re hiring me to be your new best friend who’s got your back. I’ll be your right-hand woman, your eyes, your therapist, unofficial chauffeur, and whisperer of all things wedding.

Wedding Photography by Terri Hanlon. Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and beyond...
Image by Lani Carter

The experience and energy I’ll bring will make your day go so much smoother and help to capture the magic of this extraordinary day and bottle it up forever.

Micro Wedding Photography

Couples everywhere are gravitating towards intimate weddings with fewer guests and more love, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Micro weddings are a beautiful opportunity for couples to connect with not just family and friends with more intention but also with each other. 

Micro Wedding Sunshine Coast Perigian Beach Wedding Photography by Terri Hanlon.

Micro weddings and elopements are also now the best offence against sporadic lockdown restrictions on weddings. For peace of mind, I’m fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (and hooping-cough for all you new parents) to best ensure your parties health.

Same Sex Weddings

I choose to celebrate love every day as a photographer + proudly support love in all its beautiful forms. It’s been over 3 years since Australia SAID YES and I’m so grateful for all the brave LGBTQI folks and allies who fought to create a safer, more equal society in which everyone has the right to marry. 

Brisbane Wedding Registry Office Same Sex Couple. Wedding Photography by Terri Hanlon

As a wedding photographer, it’s a question I’m often asked and my answer surprises many. “No, I’m not married”… at least not yet. I’m not a fan of labels but queer is one I wear with newfound pride. It’s taken me a little longer to find my way but I’m not mad about it. I’ve finally found my ride or die! Now we get to enjoy double the wardrobe, half the chores & 2/3rds the salary ;).

While I have yet to walk down the aisle myself, I’ve helped hundreds of brides and grooms to do just that. It remains, all these years later, a great privilege to share your special day. 

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From our engagement photos to our wedding day, she blew us away with how much she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. We could not recommend her enough. Terri has created a lifetime of happy memories for us and we are forever grateful for having her as part of our wedding journey!”

Kind Words From Narelle and Mike

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