Newcastle Engagement Session – Roxy and Greg

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On a recent trip down south, I was lucky enough to catch up with Newcastle based lovebirds Roxy and Greg to capture a little Engagement Photography session for the two. It was a wet day although there was a small break in the clouds with just enough time to photograph these two hanging out together.

So to set the scene let us take a moment to talk about how all of this romance business between Newcastle love birds Roxy and Greg came to be.

How they meet

Greg and Roxy meet through mutual friends at a local gig venue in Darwin. Roxy was pretty into Greg immediately and expressed to one of his friends how cool she thought he was. After being friends the two became a couple.

The Proposal

Now fast forward three and a half years to the the end of a long Christmas holiday in Europe, in Chamonix, France. The two were enjoying a day out snowboarding and decided to stop for a much needed picnic break.

This was a perfect chance to create a diversion for Greg as the views were stunning! The suggestion of a photo on top of the mountain was the trick! Roxy had an inkling that something was going to happen and suspected that the photos of the view were not the purpose of this exercise. She had been suspicious all of their holiday.

As the two of them were only days away from returning home, Greg took this crafted opportunity to catch Roxy off guard. He propose in the snow on top of a gorgeous mountain, in Roxy’s words “It was magic.”

Why these two are perfect for each other

After spending time with these two cuties, it is pretty obvious that the two of them are completely smitten with each other. They have secret glances and smiles, and really connect in a way that would make any romantic at heart swoon.

Roxy and Greg have the perfect combination of common interests, joint admiration for each other and a solid friendship.

The Newcastle wedding

Roxy and Greg have just started planning their Newcastle Wedding. And from the few details that I have been told, it is going to be pretty magical!

I asked Roxy what she is looking forward to the most about her wedding day she told me. “I get to share an amazing day with my best friend and all our loved ones and come out on the other side as his forever!”

These two could not be more suited if you tried.

If you and your special someone are looking to create some visual memories together send me an email, I’d love to hear all about the two of you!


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