Terri Hanlon Photographer sitting on the deck of a tiny house in Maleny


Hi, I’m Terri Hanlon, a 5.2ft pocket rocket who approaches photography like I do life: fun, relaxed and natural.

Working with me is a process that involves laughter, joy, and finding unexpected locations to capture some exceptional shots. 

My photography has been featured in Queensland Brides magazine, blogs (including Polkadot Weddings, To the Aisle Australia, Wedding Chicks and The Bride’s Tree) and most importantly hung in the homes of countless couples I’ve collaborated with.

Terri Hanlon
Image of Terri Hanlon by Emma Naylor

“Have a chat Hanlon”

Being a full-time photographer is without a doubt the best job! I know this for sure because I’ve tried them all. Bar work, gym reception, admin, theatre host and even a touch of retail in a local Bunnings. 

All of my past roles had one thing in common, customer service. It’s thanks to this experience that I’ve been able to hone my skills in portrait photography. As a wedding photographer, I get to connect with people and learn what they like about themselves (and, importantly, what they don’t!). It’s been such an amazing journey!

A Little About Me

• I care about. . .

Creating a better life with less impact through clean living, sustainability, ethical shopping and as zero waste as possible.

• My battery gets recharged. . .

Spending time in the local national parks around the Sunshine Coast, time in the company of awesome humans and eating food with those I adore.

• I dream about. . .

One day living off grid in a tiny house with my partner and our dogs, we’re in negotiations for which breed - Brussels Griffon or Whippet, thoughts? TBH we’ll probably end up with another shelter dog.

• A non-negotiable for me is. . .

Being kind to others. There’s no need to be rude, we’re all just trying to do our best.

• I’m always eating…

All types of food and probably too much of it. I’m happiest with a bowl of ramen and an alcoholic ginger beer from one of the many local distilleries on the Sunshine Coast.

• You’ll find me. . .

Hiking the hinterland mountains of the Sunshine Coast, riding my motorbike or walking my dog Chase. If it’s raining, I’ll be trawling YouTube for tiny house layouts to one day call home.

• I love that I’m…

Open minded with a positive attitude.

“Anyone who has met, or worked with, Sunshine Coast wedding photographer Terri Hanlon knows she is a gosh darn joy of a person, who oozes positivity. A conversation with Terri is guaranteed to bring with it giggles – nay, unbridled belly laughs! Meeting Terri feels more like a reunion with an old friend, which is just the kind of feel you want for your wedding photographer."

- The Bride's Tree

I'm happy you're here, now go send me an email on the contact page.