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So you have booked your wedding ceremony and reception location for the Sunshine Coast and its now time to think about where you would like your portraits session to take place in the time we have together between the ceremony and reception. But you’re not too sure if you want a Beach location, Bush backdrop or maybe your thinking that you love the rainforest and would like your photographs taken ferny groves. 

This can be a hard question to answer, Why you ask?  Well, one of the reasons is because there are so many location possibilities on the Sunshine Coast. Lush green hills, thick pine forest’s, and beach vibes. 

Let say that you have decided to wear away from the beach vibes and go for a more earthy feel so have chosen the hinterlands. 

(Don’t worry if you have thought that the beach is best, I have some info for you here – Beach Wedding Locations – Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography)

Some of the things to consider are:

Does how far is the hinterland is from my ceremony and reception venues impact my photography session? 

Yes, this can have an impact on your photography time. If there is extended travel time between the two locations we may not have very long together. It’s best to keep this in mind if there is not more than two hours allocated between ceremony and reception time.  Somewhere close is a great option to maximise your photography time, I want to get some incredible images of the two of you! For more info on this let’s have a chat about these details if you’re concerned. 

Is where I am wanting my photograph a private or public property? 

Some of the hot locations on the Sunshine Coast such as One Tree Hill are actually private property and are sadly no longer available for use.  Keep this in mind and have a chat with me so that we can sort out all the nitty-gritty before the day. Let’s not be caught out red-faced on a property we should not be. 

Where can I get the best view for my wedding? 

In the Hinterland there is are seriously so many amazing places that offer incredible views. One way to determine the best view that is not too far from your wedding venue is to do a little scout, or just ask. I am familiar with quite a few venues and can offer some advice on where we can go. 

Do we need to think about the light and sunset times if I am having my session in the bushlands/ rainforest areas? 

YES, we sure do. I have found that if we are photographing in thick forest or bushland we tend to lose light faster than we would if we were on top of a mountain. So, for this reason, it is best to get your photo session started as early as we can before we lose light and things become too dark. Especially if you are taking the whole wedding party along for the ride. But if you are chasing a more moody feel for your images it can actually work in your favour! This can be a great option for the intimate section of your session after the bridal party have left the two of you by yourself with me for the final set. feel free to ask more questions if you are unsure.

What if I have chosen to have my session in a popular area, will this affect my session time? 

It sure can. Sadly if there is a lot of people around in your favourite spot this can not only provide some distractions but also make it difficult to get into the spots that are the best. Some of the National park areas can have quite a few people visiting so let’s have a chat if this is the case it could mean that we just pop a little extra time while shooting so that we can avoid the distractions.

Now if you are a destination bride travelling to the Sunshine Coast and your not 100% familiar with the area, why not check out some of the resources I have listed below for beach locations for your wedding photographs.  And also don’t forget to ask, I have some great location suggestion that would be perfect for your day!

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And for further information about Sunshine Coast weddings why not head over to one of the Sunshine Coast best wedding resources, The Brides Tree, so much pretty inspiration for all brides!


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