First Bay Coolum Engagement Session –

Dakota and Brad

Sunshine Coast Wedding and Engagement Photography

Choosing a location that was close to their hearts for their engagement session, First Bay Coolum, on the Sunshine Coast. Brad and Dakota knew exactly where they wanted to have their engagement session, it was a no brainer to them as it is one of their favourite date locations!

Not only does this beautiful beach backdrop have epic sunsets, gorgeous rock formations and a cute space for Duke the pupper to hang out and be with his humans, but it has quite a few little romantic nooks perfect for a cute picnic. Nestled up with a perfectly tailored picnic is how you will usually find these two cuties at First Bay Coolum with their adorable fur child! 

Dakota and Brad meet in primary school making their romance all the more special after learning that they became high school sweethearts in year 12. 

Over the past 6 years, Dakota and Brad have shared many outdoor adventures and adore taking Duke for walks anywhere they can to explore their surroundings. Living on the Sunshine Coast means that there is an abundance of National Parks, Beachfront and Waterfalls to explore.

The proposal happened in Noosa National Park on the 29/9/2020 where the two officially had their first date and first-ever kiss. It is all incredibly romantic! The conversation between the two of them was at the time was centred around loving each other forever creating the perfect atmosphere for Brad to propose! seizing the opportunity Brad told Dakota that the is his best friend and soul mate and then he asked her to marry him! After she burst out in tears and gave me the biggest hug, she said yes. 

Congratulation Dakota and Brad for choosing each other!

If you and you beloved would like to book an engagement session or maybe you are looking for someone to hang out at your wedding, shoot me an email, I would love to hear all about your special romance!


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