Cairns Treehouse Wedding – Brendon and Sarah

Cairns Wedding Photography

Nestled away in a beautiful treehouse located in the tropical surrounds of Cairns, a small collection of people got together to celebrate the wedding of two people in love. The mood was joyous and intimate, and even more so due to a light sprinkling of rain.

Everyone was beyond excited for Brendan and Sarah as today there was going to be a wedding! Not just any wedding, their wedding!

Due to the recent COVID restriction couples everywhere have had to rethink their original plans just as these two had. And as a result, the guest list was significantly smaller for in-person guests. However, it was not significantly smaller in attendance! Friends and family connected virtually from near and far. And despite the distance, their presence was certainly felt in the room.

Both, Sarah and Brendan wrote beautifully personal vows that were not just heartfelt but also filled with little quirks that are unique to the two of them. This made the vows even more special for us all to witness.

After the ceremony, we all enjoyed an incredible spread provided by Sarah, an incredibly warm and generous friend to Sarah and Brendan. The rain made the whole atmosphere even cosier for the small group of friends.

This Cairns Treehouse Wedding had all the feels of an old school wedding. One that I remember from my childhood where those around a couple would support, nurture and provide a beautiful space for them to get married and share their love.

Cairns Tree House Accomodation - Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer - Terri Hanlon Photography
Bride Sarah sharing a pre wedding moment with friend Kate before she prepares for her wedding day. Photographed through a window peeking in at her joy and excitement.
Groom Brendon sharing details for his wedding ceremony moments before the wedding with his Church Paster. both smiling with excitement.
Groom Brendan Ironing his shirt in preparation for his wedding ceremony. Cairns Treehouse Wedding Terri Hanlon Photography
Bride Sarah having her hair done by friend Kate on her wedding day in her Cairns Treehouse
Groom Brendan leaving his room to go to the ceremony of his wedding to Sarah - Cairns Treehouse Wedding
Bride Sarah pictured in front of a mirror getting her dress on. She is being assisted by friend Kate moments before getting married to her sweetheart in Cairns
Bride Sarah walking up the stairs of the Cairns Treehouse going to her Wedding Ceremony at the top of the stairs.
Groom Brendan seeing his Bride Sarah for the first time as she walks up the stairs to the ceremony
Bride and Groom Sarah and Brendan walking to their ceremony on the balcony of the Cairns Treehouse
Bride Sarah presenting her vows to Groom Brendan during their Cairns Treehouse Wedding
Guests at Sarah and Brendans wedding enjoying the ceremony
Groom Brendan presenting his vows to Bride Sarah during their Cairns Treehouse Wedding
Bride Sarah presenting her vows to Groom Brendan during their Cairns Treehouse Wedding
Sarah preparing food for her friends Wedding afternoon tea
Wedding day spread for Brendan and Sarah prepared by friend for their wedding day

Thank you, Brendan and Sarah, for sharing your joy with me and for being incredible humans to be in the company of! After such an unusual few months, your wedding was the perfect reminder that LOVE WINS, every time!

Dress: Rosa and Mary Bridal

Florist: Caitielou Designs

Jewellery: Ruby Sage Official

Bow-tie: Aus Wooden

Nails: Soda Nails Cairns 

Photographer: Terri Hanlon Photography

Hair: Kate Arm

Makeup & Wife: Sarah Jayne Eloise 

Husband: Brendan Griessel

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The idea of a tree house wedding is quiet inspiring and inique. i liked it.

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