Bluebird Property Styling 

– Newcastle and Brisbane Branding Photography –

From the moment I walked into Saskia’s Newcastle home, I felt welcomed by her warm smile. Her walls echo an inviting tone with effortless attention to detail and style.

Bluebird Property Styling is the creation of Saskia’s love of all things homewares, interiors. She has become one of the lucky ones that get’s to do something she loves every day! And having the flexibility to spend time with her family is a beautiful bonus to owning her own business.

Bluebird Property Styling offer services that assist homeowners in achieving the highest possible sale price when selling their properties. By adding soft furnishings, statement pieces or by furnishing the property, her team will transform your home, so it is ready for the market.

Throughout our business branding session, it was easy to see that Saskia has become one of the lucky ones and styling properties makes her happy. Every room she had created not only felt incredibly inviting they each felt fresh, clean and vibrant with a touch of lux.

“I love helping people on their journey and being a part of the process of such an important part of the selling a property. Not many people get to do what they love every day. I love that it makes me happy and I love what I do.”

Its been a few weeks since our session together so I asked Saskia how her images have been received by those that have seen them.

“The images I have had done have already had such an impact on my business. It makes my business and me more approachable and personable. “

“It’s a soft touch and I believe that people truly want to know who they are dealing with … it’s created a sense of familiarity and makes first meetings more comfortable.”

It was so lovely spending time with Saskia for he in home Business Branding Session and I can’t wait to watch Bluebird Property Styling grow.

If you are looking to create some great new visual content for your business just like Bluebird property just send me an email as I would love to know more about your business journey.

You can also find more details about branding sessions here.

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