Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Terri Hanlon

ABOUT ME… I love live music, almost any kind.

Foods are one of my weaknesses! Much to the disgust of my waistline.

I spent my teen years living in Darwin, and coincidently this is the place I photographed my first wedding. My healthy food obsession also developed there, the international food market scene is AWESOME!

I have a fur child named Benny… AKA ‘Benny the Wonder dog’. He is undoubtedly the apple of my eye!

My Pinterest board is overloaded with not only a few wedding-related boards but my most recent obsessions, ideas on how to build a tiny house and convert vans for VANLIFE!

This is a real thing and you should check it out! Going off-grid is the new Black!!!

I love a good stylish DIY and will give anything a go once… Possibly even twice if it worked well the first time.

I have been attracted to photography since around the age of 16… which I am realizing was a fair while ago now… It may even be over a decade.

And finally, I have a sweet spot for anything wedding related. This is evident with my endless collection of bridal mags hiding everywhere in my house. And I mean everywhere…

So with all of that, I am trying to say that I Terri, am a hopeless romantic. I’ll be the person to make you laugh when you are not ready for it with my array of Dad jokes, and I am also the go-to girl for all things weddings. And without sounding way too corny Photography and hanging out with super cool people like yourselves is my one true love!