5 tips for a smooth wedding day prep

The last thing anyone needs on their wedding day is to be disorganised and running behind schedule. Here are a few tips to help you keep everything running smoothly, but also make sure you enjoy those moments before your ceremony. Time is going to fly, and we want to remember the day for all the right reasons!


1 – Make a cute grazing platter and stay hydrated

Sounds awesome right! That’s because everyone loves snacks and drinks! This of course doesn’t mean an opportunity to have an impromptu cocktail party to accompany that nicely crafted graving platter, but it certainly does mean staying hydrated. There is every possibility that once you get to your ceremony you will be on your feet for a few hours and it could also mean not much of a chance to grab a bite or sip to quench that thirst. 

Another reason is that everyone and I mean everyone will want to be around you for a chat and to tell you how incredible you look in that beyond fabulous outfit you have on! The last thing you want is to be hangry in front of your guests so get some early energy supplies. Another bonus of having a Snickers is that it can also help to calm those super nerves you may have before catching up with your super special someone! Food + hydration = happy bride! 

For some inspiration, here are some links to companies in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast that could help you with a platter. Or you could check out my Pinterest Board here and make your own. If you are doing this take note of my third dot point! 

Grazing Goodness – Brisbane 

Guilty Pleasure Platters – Helensvale

Grazing Acres – Sunshine Coast


2 – Create a schedule

Your suppliers will be running to a timeline for your wedding day as we all want everything to be beyond perfect for you and your beau. We research driving times, locations, how long it will take us to do our jobs, and some even incorporate time to take those iPhone pics along the way for their social media! This helps us arrive prepared and remain calm understanding exactly what we need to be doing where and more importantly when. 

Create a schedule for your day, and if you’re stuck on how to do this, just work backwards. Start from the moment you want to arrive at the ceremony and go from there. The best advice I can give you always allows for a buffer of at least half an hour just in case something does not go to plan! If you get stuck at all, just give me a holla as it is part of my service to help you plan your day so that we can capture all those epic moments that make your day unique. 

Also, consider a few things that you could prep for the night before so that you are as cool as a cucumber in the morning! 

Listed here are a few things you can prep the night before to keep to plan:

  • Iron or steam your robes. Not only will they look great in your photographs but those babies can be tricky to iron
  • Steam your gown! If you are staying at the Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments, they supply steamers in their One and Two Bedroom Executive apartments. How awesome right! 
  • Get everyone clothes ready in one place. 
  • Prepare your snacks. That grazing platter I mentioned earlier is super easy to prep the night before.
  • Pack your overnight bag and make sure your room is tidy. This will honestly save you so much time on the day. 
  • If you are staying in the same room on the wedding night, ask for an additional room clean so that you can come back to a fresh room. Nothing better than a tidy space to come back to on the wedding night.

I also have a blog post detailing creating a whole day timeline HERE.


3 – Delegate tasks for the day

I am guessing that you have a cute little crew of besties hanging with you on the morning of your wedding, this could be your bridesmaids, or it could just be an awesome collective of family and friends. Either way, ask them for help so that you can remain calm and relaxed on the morning of your wedding! 

It is ok to ask for help! 

Have someone prep the platter, pour the drinks, organise the purses and any other little things that can make the running of the day more smooth! And if you’re unsure on what to delegate, make a list. You will be surprised by all the little things that you can get help with! 

I have photographed so many bridal parties that have not focused their energy on helping the couple have an epic time and to me, this is pretty ordinary! So let’s focus on making your day as awesome as possible with help where you need it! 


4 – Ask your suppliers what they need to from you and your bridal crew

Yep! Ask your suppliers!

  • Does your makeup artist need good lighting for the makeup? 
  • How many power points will be needed for hair equipment? And are they near great lighting?
  • Do they need a lot of space to set up hair and makeup? 
  • What do you need to do for the photos? 
  • Do you need us to have a cleanroom?
  • Should we clean up our room? 

Once again these are the little things that if you know ahead of time you can schedule, delegate or arrange so that everything runs to plan and this will mean that you save time and feel so much more comfortable on your wedding day. 

Real Bride Oliva getting pampered by Makeup by Marlies


5 – Book a convenient and amazing hotel! 

This one is my absolute favourite! Hotels can make or break your bridal prep experience and this including your photographs! l personally love a well-lit room, and if not well lit somewhere that I can take pretty photographs of you and your pals before we go to the ceremony!  Moody light is incredible for just the bride getting ready. Bring on the creative vibes I say!

I also love a location that is convenient to where everything is happening! 

One of my personal favourites is the Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments for Brisbane and Fortitude Valley weddings! They are so close to everything that there is very little chance that you are going to have issues with traffic getting to your ceremony and reception! 

They also have some killer accommodation deals available for couples that are getting hitched and if you use the promotion code “LOVE” when booking before 31st December 2021 there are a few perks including a complimentary car park, midday late checks out, and a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival! 

The one and two-bedroom executive rooms also have a steamer and GHD available making steaming your bridal robes and dress easy as! This is my personal favourite as I love a good steamed or ironed robe. You just need to ask some of my past brides as I have on occasion arrived a touch early just to make sure that they have ironed their robes. 

Hotel: Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments

Models: Hannah Sisson, Alliera Ashwell & Tayla Lumley

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