“Calling all fun-loving couples! Ready to capture your Sunshine Coast wedding in style? Look no further for the perfect photographer who can make your special day a blast! Here are 4 key questions to ask before saying ‘cheese’ and booking your dream wedding photographer.

Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography Terri Hanlon

1. Will you be my camera superhero?

Let’s make sure our superhero is available to capture your wedding day! Drop them a line to check if they’re free on your chosen date. We don’t want any photographers tangled up in other commitments, leaving you without your picture-perfect memories. And hey, if they’re booked, don’t despair! Ask for their trusty sidekick’s recommendation, someone who can still deliver the same awesome shots and good vibes.

2. Can we be BFFs behind the lens?

Who wants a stranger to capture their love story? Not us! Let’s ensure the photographer you choose is someone you’ll instantly click with (pun intended). Your wedding day should be filled with laughter, inside jokes, and a photographer who gets your quirky sense of humour. Together, you’ll create magic that will have you smiling from ear to ear whenever you revisit those cherished memories.

Sunshine Coast wedding photographer: 4 questions to ask before saying 'cheese' and booking your dream wedding photographer.

3. Can you handle our wild adventures?

We’re not your average couple, and we want a photographer who can handle our wild side! So, make sure your chosen photographer has the experience and enthusiasm to capture your adventurous spirit. They should be up for climbing trees, trekking through forests, or even joining you for a dip in the ocean. After all, love knows no bounds, and neither should your photographer’s creativity!

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4. How fast can we swoon over our epic shots?

Patience may be a virtue, but let’s be real – we can’t wait forever to relive those epic moments! While editing takes time to ensure perfection, we need a photographer who understands our eagerness. Find someone who offers sneak peeks shortly after the wedding, allowing you to share your swoon-worthy shots and keep the excitement alive. Fast turnaround time means more time for you to gush over your stunning images and plan your next adventure together!

So, fellow fun-seeking couples, get ready to strike a pose, laugh until your cheeks hurt, and create memories that will make you say, ‘We nailed it!’ Remember, finding the right Sunshine Coast wedding photographer is all about finding someone who matches your zest for life and captures the essence of your unique love story.

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