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Many of my clients ask when they are booking their wedding photography if I offer engagement sessions. The short answer is, YES I do.

I find that it is great for us to get to know each other. And its a chance to see how the two of you interact together in front of a camera. It is also a great opportunity for you guys to find out how I work as a photographer. This can make your wedding day just that little bit more comfortable.

So here are a few tips to help you when thinking about your Engagement Session.

Consider having your Engagement Session on the same day as your makeup trial.

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I know that I feel a little glam when I am wearing makeup. I feel that if I look good, I can also feel good. And there is nothing like being pampered by getting your makeup or hair done! My confidence is up just that touch when I have a great face on.

A little session with a makeup artist can be just the medicine to help cure those nerves. Consider booking your trial for the same day as your Engagement Session.

Book your trial for the morning and then in the afternoon, you can have your photo session. You can also treat yourself to date night out afterward since you will be a little dressed up anyway 😉

Not too sure what to wear for our Engagement Session?

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One amazing resource you can use to help you find outfit ideas for your Engagement Session is Pinterest. I love it!

Pinterest is my weakness, just ask my partner that sits through hours each week of me showing him DIY projects. And not only is it DIY projects or Tiny Houses that I am constantly looking at, but it is also fashion trends. This is because I get asked allot “What should I wear on my Engagement Session”.

A simple search to use is “What to wear on your engagement shoot” or “Engagement shoot clothing ideas”. Your results will come up with many infographics and links to articles. Helping you with everything from dressing for your body type to what colours to wear.

The simple things to keep in mind are:

– Wear complementary colours,

– Avoid logos or anything distracting on your clothing,

– Always wear something that you are comfortable in.

And if everything gets a little too much you could also consider hiring a stylist for your shoot. It can feel a little over the top, but there are some great styling services available that can help. I also know an incredible gal that loves to help people out with personal styling. So if you’re stuck give Jenni Sellan a shout and let her know I sent her your way!

How should you pose for our Engagement Session? 

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You don’t have to worry about knowing this bit because I have got your back here guys! Your Engagement Session is going to be epic!

With more than 10 years of experience photographing people, I like to focus on guiding you into the best natural positions.  Just a warning; you guys may need to cuddle a bit, giggle allot and sometimes do a few silly things to lighten the mood.

It is super important to me that you leave with great memories of your engagement Session. My aim is to make you guys comfortable and enjoy yourselves! So lots of laughing is allowed!

And if you are worried, or have something that you are uncomfortable about, just let me know. I can give you a few ideas to practice. This will help take the edge off before the shoot day 😉

Where can you have your Engagement Shoot? 

I love this question! As exploring new photographic locations is my favorite thing to do! Just ask any of my past clients about the adventures we have been on to find the perfect spot!!!

But essentially I like to find out about the two of you. So that we can find somewhere that suits your personalities or that represents the two of you. Maybe this is where you both meet, your favorite cafe or part of town? Maybe the beach or even the hinterlands? We can even hang out in your home together for a complete relaxed vibe.

But if you just want some gorgeous images, we can certainly find an incredible backdrop to suit what you have in mind!

What is the best time for your shoot? 

Like a few photographers, I do love photographing in the late afternoon. This is because on a good day and with the right conditions the light can be just amazing.  But lately, I have really enjoyed shooting from mid-afternoon onwards. Once again on a good day with the right conditions, it can produce incredible images.

So let have a chat together about the locations you have in mind. There could be the option to photograph at alternate times of the day.

Want to find out more information about Engagement Session or Wedding packages? Just jump over here and get in touch for details.


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