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One of the questions I often ask couples that are getting married on the Sunshine Coast when we meet to discuss their wedding photographs is “do you have any ideas on the locations that you would like to visit for your wedding photographs?”

This can be a hard question to answer, Why you ask?  Well, one of the reasons is  because there are a few different and diverse locations available.

I find that a good way to narrow down your ideas is to think about yourself in t he following way. “Am I a Beach Bride or am I a Hinterland Bride?”

Moffat Beach Bride Sunshine Coast Ocean

Often if your wedding venue and ceremony is on the Sunshine Coast couples choose the beach as it resonates with you. This could be a favorite beach that you frequent or one that you have grown up close to, and even your choice can be based on the simple notion that it is a beautiful location. The beaches on the Sunshine Coast certainly make a stunning backdrop for wedding photographs.

On the Sunshine Coast there so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on the perfect beach location:

Is it busy around the time that you are planning your photographs? This can affect your photographs and possibly the editing of your images to eliminate bystanders in your background. The editing side of your images may attract an additional cost due to the extra time for your photographer to modify your images to suit. Something worth discussing beforehand with your photographer.

What is the level of the tide at that time? If you have your heart set on walking along the beach and the tide is up, this would mean that this particular beach location is not ideal. Maybe consider changing the timing of your photographs slightly so that you can get the perfect photographs for your wedding album.

Is the beach clean from rubbish and debris? Once again this can create unsightly distractions in your images and mean that there is additional editing involved before your beach shot is printed. We as photographers love the idea of you haveing a perfect location shot on your wall.

Is there a variety of locations at your chosen beach?  This is a great thing to keep in mind when discussing location with your photographer as there is potential to create different images for your wedding collection from the one location if there is a good range available at that particular Sunshine Coast beach. Consider the trees, the grass and possibly any buildings and structures that are nearby. It is great to awesome to have a few different ideas in mind for your wedding images.

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Now if you are a destination bride traveling to the Sunshine Coast and your not 100% familiar with the area, why not check out some of the resources I have listed below for beach locations for your wedding photographs.  And also don’t forget to ask your photographer, they usually have great location suggestion that would be perfect for your day!

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And for further information about Sunshine Coast weddings why not head over to The Brides Tree, so much pretty inspiration for all brides!

Moffat Beach Bride and Groom 2 Sunshine CoastMoffat Beach Bride Sunshine CoastMoffat Beach Grrom blue suit Sunshine Coast

So if you have chosen a Sunshine Coast wedding destination it is going to be incredible and it would be fantastic to hear all about what you have planned so far!

Location – Moffat Beach

Photographer – Terri Hanlon Photography

Dress –  When Freddi met Lilly

Hair and Makeup – The Beauty Case

Suit – When Freddi met Lilly

Flowers –  Francesca’s Flowers


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