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Brisbane Locations Ideas for your Wedding PhotographyWhere should we have our wedding photographs taken?

Brisbane Locations Ideas for your Wedding Photography


Living in Brisbane makes it so much fun when searching for locations to take wedding photographs. We are so spoilt for choice that it is super easy to find locations that will resonate with all different personality types.  There are a few locations in Brisbane that are popular to have wedding photographs taken and they will always be classics!  The Powerhouse, Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Botanical Gardens, and New Farm Park to name a few.

In our first catch up together you may ask me “Where should we have our wedding photographs taken?” I love this question!  Especially if you feel a little adventurous and are happy for me to either find a place that is a little quirky or to come up with something that ultimately suits their personality.

There are a few questions I fire back that help me conjure up the perfect plan on how to best spend our time together. One way is to find out a little about you guys. How did you meet? Maybe this place has a special meaning to the two of you and would be great to incorporate into your wedding album?

Where do you guys like to hang on the weekends?  If it is local and close to where you are having your ceremony or reception it could a fantastic location for the two of you!

Are you beach or bush people? If you are both beach lovers and your ceremony is close to the ocean, let’s consider hanging there! And the same goes for fellow bush lovers!

Do you have a favorite drinking place? Some bars are open to the idea of having a few quick snaps inside their venues. And if you guys have great memories inside it could be great.  But don’t forget to ask permission from the bar manager.

And of course if you any suggestions or ideas. Some of you have some great thoughts on where we could go together.

All of these answers will help find places in and around Brisbane that can make great photographic backdrops for your wedding photographs. It can also help your images be that little bit different from others.

I also have a habit of wandering around this great city searching for cool spots that can be used for your wedding images!

Below are a few snaps from a few years ago at Suncorp Stadium. I am secretly hoping for a few sports fans to come along!  All that is needed to make these images epic is a cute married couple!

Suncorp Stadium Wedding location Terri Hanlon Photography Ginger plant Wedding Location Brisbane Terri Hanlon Photography Bridge to Milton train Station Suncorp Terri Hanlon Photography Suncorp Stadium Bridge to Train Station Suncorp Stadium Wall

Wedding music for your big dayBrisbane Wedding Photographer

Music and Songs that couples have chosen to walk down the aisle

Being a music lover myself,  I would have a tough time trying to choose a song to walk down the aisle to.  I would want the tune to be epic and have real personal meaning to myself and partner.  Something that was unique to us as a couple and also something that really resonated with the celebration.  So the other night when I was listening to a great band at my local, the Cardigan bar I decided to ask a couple of my friends about the music that they chose to walk down the aisle to when they got married. Now I am not getting married anytime soon so don’t get too excited for me 😉

The three couples that I asked have been married for married for more than 4 years and all have a great love for music so I felt they were the perfect group to ask this question as I was super curious to know what song they had chosen to walk down the aisle to!

Chris and Abby have been Married for 9 years and have two incredibly awesome children! These two are absolutely more music mad than myself and Chris is always sharing his music knowledge and introducing new sounds to my ears. With this in mind, I was pretty keen to find out what tune Abby was walking toward Chris for their ceremony. They chose a Bic Runga song when I see you smile,  and such a sweet song it was!

The next lovely that I asked was Kym who coincidently was celebrating her 4th wedding anniversary! Kym and Hubby Dve had a really cool wedding that was infused with a rockabilly style with the couple and their support crew rocking amazing outfits to match the era of their style.  Kym loves Elvis so I was expecting the cool sounds of the king to be their choice although they decided to go with a Wild Horses cover by The Sundays. Such a cool tune! I can only imagine how incredible it would have been to watch glamour puss Kym walk to Dave on their wedding day!

And the third couple that I asked was mate Bondie. He has such a sweet love story to tell about his wife Nat! He knew the first time he saw her that she was the one for him! From memory, Bondie was completing a tilling job and Nat was the one that answered the door at the location of his job. He was hooked, line and sinker for Nat! This couple created two luscious children that would melt your heart and cheer you up on a cloudy day. They chose a James Morrison song, I won’t let you go.

So if you are struggling to find the perfect song why not check out some of the links below to help you with your search. You never know, the perfect one could just be found, just like your sweetheart!

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