About Terri

ABOUT ME… I love live music, almost any kind.

Foods are one of my weaknesses! Much to the disgust of my waistline.

I spent my teens years living in Darwin, and coincidently this is the place I photographed my first wedding. My healthy food obsession also developed there, the international food market scene is AWESOME!

I have a fur child named Benny… AKA ‘Benny the Wonder dog’. He is undoubtedly the apple of my eye!

My Pinterest board is overloaded with not only a few wedding related boards but my most recent obsession, ideas on how to build a tiny house. This is a real thing and you should check it out! Going off grid is the new Black!!!

I love a good stylish DIY and will give anything a go once… Possibly even twice if it worked well the first time.

I have been attracted to photography since around the age of 16… which I am realizing was a fair while ago now… It may even be over a decade.

And finally, I have a sweet spot for anything wedding related. This is evident with my endless collection of bridal mags hiding everywhere in my house. And I mean everywhere…

So with all of that, I am trying to say that I Terri, am a hopeless romantic. The type of person that will get goose bumps when you guys kiss or do something sweet for each other. I will be the person to sew up any rips in your dress so that we can take those amazing shots. I’ll be the person to make you laugh when you are not ready for it with my array of Dad jokes, and I am also the go-to girl for all things weddings. And without sounding way too corny Wedding Photography and hanging out with super cool people like yourselves is my one true love!